HJ3506 Steel Ball Bearing Keyboard Slides Keyboard Drawer Slides Tray Accessories Furniture Hardware Rails

HJ3506 Steel Ball Bearing Keyboard Slides Keyboard Drawer Slides Tray Accessories Furniture Hardware Rails

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Discover the HJ3506 – 35mm Two-Section Keyboard Slide Rails, expertly crafted from cold rolled steel. Ideal for office furniture and household appliances, these rails offer a smooth glide, adjustable length, and a load capacity of 40kg.

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Product Name 35mm Two-Section Keyboard Slide Rails
Model Number HJ3506
Material Cold Rolled Steel
Length 250-700mm
Normal Thickness 1.4*1.4mm
Width 35mm
Surface Finish Blue Zinc Plated ;  Black Zinc-plated
Application Office Furniture ;Household Appliances
Load Capacity 40kg
Extension Half Extension

The Perfect Fit for Your Needs


Slide in Comfort and Precision

Follow are the essence of our 35mm Two-Section Keyboard Slide Rails - the slide function. The function tailored for avid computer users, this unique feature ensures your keyboard is always within easy reach and retreats smoothly when not in use. Imagine having the convenience of adjusting your keyboard's position seamlessly, optimizing your desk space and creating a clutter-free environment. The slide function is not just a movement; it's an experience. A fluid transition that elevates typing comfort and efficiency, while also promoting ergonomic posture. The HJ3506 model ensures every slide is a glide, enhancing productivity and redefining your typing experience.

Superior Durability Meets Precision

We are unveiling our 35mm Two-Section Keyboard Slide Rails - Model HJ3506. This drawer slide is crafted meticulously from cold rolled steel. These slide rails redefine robustness and longevity, ensuring your keyboard moves with the fluidity and grace you deserve.


The Perfect Fit for Your Space

With lengths adjustable from 250-700mm, these rails are the epitome of versatility. Whether for office furniture or household appliances, the HJ3506 model seamlessly integrates, providing a swift and smooth glide every time. The 35mm width fits most standard setups, and the exquisite blue zinc-plated and black zinc-plated finishes ensure both style and resilience.

Engineered for Exceptional Load

Never compromise on weight! With an impressive load capacity of 40kg and a half-extension feature, these rails guarantee consistent stability. The precision in design, paired with a standard thickness of 1.4*1.4mm, certifies minimal wear and tear even after prolonged use.


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