Heavy-Duty Machinery

Ball-bearing slides are the backbone of numerous applications in the heavy-duty machinery industry. Their high load-bearing capacity and durability are critical in facilitating the operation of various equipment, ensuring their efficient functionality.

Automotive Industry

In the dynamic and ever-evolving automotive industry, every component plays a significant role in shaping a vehicle's overall performance, functionality, and aesthetic appeal.

Medical Equipment

The demand for precision, reliability, and comfort is unparalleled in the healthcare sector. It's an environment where small components can significantly impact patient care and outcomes.

Furniture Manufacturing

The world of furniture manufacturing requires meticulous design and quality materials to ensure both aesthetics and durability.

Data Centers & Telecommunication

Managing equipment efficiently and safely is a constant requirement in the technology-intensive environments of data centers and the telecommunication industry.

Household Appliances

Beyond their traditional applications in furniture and machinery, ball-bearing slides have found widespread usage in the domestic sphere, specifically in the design and manufacture of various household appliances.


Applying heavy-duty ball-bearing slides is invaluable in the world of hardware and tool storage.

Aluminum Slides in Varied Industries

Aluminum ball-bearing slides are making their mark in various industries, demonstrating their versatility in multiple applications.