35mm Double-Tiered Full-Extension Slides

35mm Double-Tiered Full-Extension Slides

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Experience the genius of Double-Tiered Design. A blend of modern aesthetics and unparalleled space utilization revolutionizes storage, offering enhanced capacity and a sleek look. Dive into the next wave of design innovation!

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Product Name 35mm Double-Tiered Full-Extension Slides
Model Number HJ3507
Material Cold Rolled Steel
Length 300-850mm
Normal Thickness 1.4*1.4mm
Width 35mm
Surface Finish Blue Zinc Plated ;  Black Zinc-plated
Application American Furniture
Load Capacity 60kg
Extension Full Extension

Revolutionize Your Furniture Experience

Step into the high quality and durability world with the 35mm Double-Tiered Full-Extension Slides, Model HJ3507. Expertly crafted from sturdy cold rolled steel, these slides offer unmatched longevity while seamlessly complementing your furniture's aesthetics.


Versatility at its Peak

Suitable for a wide range of lengths, from 300-850mm, these slides provide versatility. With a 35mm width and a refined blue zinc-plated and black zinc-plated surface finish, they are the perfect fit for all your American Furniture needs. Whether a classic wooden dresser or a contemporary desk, these slides elevate every piece's functionality.

Maximum Load, Maximum Satisfaction

HJ3507 Boasting an impressive load capacity of 60kg and a full extension feature, these slides promise optimum stability. These drawer slides have a uniform thickness of 1.4*1.4mm and guarantee minimal wear and tear, ensuring your furniture's seamless operation for years.


Innovation in Layers: The Double-Tiered Design

Delve deep into the world of modern design aesthetics with the Double-Tiered Design. This innovative structure redefines storage and operational efficiency, offering double the capacity in the same vertical space. At its core, the Double-Tiered Design is about maximizing utility without compromising style.

Traditional designs often leave unused space, but with a Double-Tiered approach, every inch is utilized to its full potential. Whether it's in the realm of furniture or modern architectural layouts, this design ensures that items are neatly organized, easily accessible, and presented in a visually appealing manner.

Beyond just practicality, the Double-Tiered Design speaks volumes about contemporary aesthetics. It showcases an understanding of space, a zest for innovation, and a commitment to enhancing user experience. Embracing this design is not just about adopting a trend; it's about championing more innovative, efficient ways of interacting with our spaces.


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