35mm Two- Section Inner Slide Rails

35mm Two- Section Inner Slide Rails

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Experience new functional brilliance with our “Dual-Glide Household Precision Slides – Model HJ3503.” These slides are crafted from high-quality cold-rolled steel. These inner slide rails offer a perfect blend of strength, durability, and design elegance.
HJ3503 Bunnings Drawer Runners are designed to hold up to 40 kg comfortably. These slides can support various household appliances effortlessly. Their length, adjustable between 300-900mm, and a generous width of 53mm ensure that these rails offer unmatched versatility. An average thickness of 1.4mm gives these slide rails a robust build, ensuring they are resilient enough for long-lasting use.

  • Model Number: HJ3503
  • Material: Cold Rolled Steel
  • Length: 300-900mm
  • Normal Thickness: 1.4mm
  • Width: 53mm
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    35mm Two- Section Inner Slide Rails

    Model Number



    Cold Rolled Steel



    Normal Thickness




    Surface Finish

    Blue Zinc Plated ;  Black Zinc-plated


    Household Appliances

    Load Capacity



    Half Extension

    Width for Perfect Fitting

    With a width of 35mm, our inner slide rails perfectly fit into various appliances, providing smooth sliding operations while ensuring the safety of your machines.


    Exceptional Cold Rolled Steel Material

    Cold-rolled steel material enhances the strength and durability of our slide rails, ensuring they can withstand daily use while maintaining top performance.

    Multipurpose Application

    These slide rails are ideal for various household appliances, making them a versatile addition to your home. From kitchen drawers to sliding doors, their application is extensive and practical.


    Easy Installation

    Our 35 Two-Section Inner Slide Rails are designed for ease of installation. The HJ3503 ball-bearing runner allows you to upgrade your household appliances without professional help.

    Enhanced Durability

    The combination of cold-rolled steel material, zinc plating finishes, and robust design contributes to the enhanced durability of our product. This surface finish ensures long-lasting performance, making our rails a reliable choice for your home.

    HJ-3503 ball bearing runners

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