27mm Two- Section Inner Slide Rails

27mm Two- Section Inner Slide Rails

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Crafted from cold-rolled steel and offering a high load capacity of 20 kg, HJ2701 is the perfect solution for supporting servers and electrical appliances. Experience the ideal blend of functionality and style with our sleek, zinc-plated finish. Try them today and transform your electronic setup!

  • Model Number: HJ-2701
  • Material: Cold Rolled Steel
  • Length: 200-450mm
  • Normal Thickness: 1.4mm
  • Width: 27mm
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    27mm Two- Section Inner Slide Rails

    Model Number



    Cold Rolled Steel



    Normal Thickness




    Surface Finish

    Blue Zinc Plated ;  Black Zinc-plated


    Server; Electric Appliance

    Load Capacity



    Half Extension

    The Perfect Fit for Your Needs

    Whether setting up a home server or managing a professional data center, our 27' Two-Section ball bearing glides will make the process seamless and worry-free. With their adjustable length and 27mm width, they can fit into various spaces while providing ample support. These versatile rails embody a practical design that saves space and simplifies installation.


    The Power of Cold-Rolled Steel

    Experience the resilience and durability that only cold-rolled steel can offer. Each slide rail is designed to bear substantial weight while maintaining a smooth operation. This material and our precise manufacturing process guarantee slide rails that can withstand intensive daily use without compromising quality or function.

    Unwavering Support for Your Electronics

    With an impressive load capacity of 20 kg, our HJ-2701 ball bearing glides provide robust support for various equipment. From servers to electric appliances, these rails ensure your gear stays securely in place. The half-extension feature allows easy accessibility, making maintenance or system upgrades a breeze.


    An Investment in Quality and Performance

    Choosing our 27' Two-Section ball bearing glides is not just a purchase; it's an investment in quality, performance, and peace of mind. With their high-load capacity, superior material, and sleek finish, these slide rails deliver an outstanding performance that surpasses expectations. Make the intelligent choice and elevate your server or electronic appliance setup today.


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