HJ1702 Drawer Slides Ball Bearing Two Way Slide Track Rail

HJ1702 Drawer Slides Ball Bearing Two Way Slide Track Rail

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The HJ-1702 17mm Two-Way Slide Rails are made from cold-rolled steel, with lengths ranging from 80-300mm and a 1mm thickness. Boasting a blue or black zinc-plated finish, these versatile rails are designed for applications like oil heaters and range hoods. With a load capacity of 5KG and a half extension feature, they offer reliable, smooth sliding functionality.

  • Model Number: HJ-1702
  • Material: Cold Rolled Steel
  • Length: 80-300mm
  • Normal Thickness: 1mm
  • Width: 17mm
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    Product Name

    17mm Two- Way Slide Rails

    Model Number



    Cold Rolled Steel



    Normal Thickness




    Surface Finish

    Blue Zinc Plated ;  Black Zinc-plated


    Oil Heater;Range Hood

    Load Capacity



    Half Extension

    Two-Way Slide Function

    The standout feature of our 17mm 2 way travel drawer slides is the innovative two-way slide function. This design allows access from both sides, offering increased flexibility and efficiency in your operations. Whether you have spatial constraints or require double-sided access, these slide rails adapt to meet your unique needs. Their smooth gliding motion ensures a hassle-free experience, enhancing the usability and versatility of your appliances. It's not just a feature. It's a game-changer for your hardware requirements.

    El ical Drawer SlideHJ-1702-2

    Consistent Performance

    These two way drawer slide deliver consistent and efficient performance thanks to cold-rolled steel construction and superior craftsmanship. They maintain their smooth operation over extended periods of use, ensuring value for your investment.

    Resilient Surface Finish

    The blue or black zinc-plated surface finish gives an elegant look and increases the slide rails' resilience against environmental factors. This surface finish ensures they remain in excellent working condition for longer.

    Electrical Drawer Slide HJ-1702-3

    Precision Engineering

    HJ1702 has been precision-engineered to a 1mm standard thickness. These two way drawer runners provide superior stability and strength. Their precise design ensures an exact fit and efficient operation, enhancing your equipment's functionality.

    Electrical Drawer Slide HJ-1702-4
    Electrical Drawer Slide HJ-1702-6
    Electrical Drawer Slide HJ-1702-5

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