35mm Two-Section Slide Rails

35mm Two-Section Slide Rails

Short Description:

HJ3513 35mm Two-Section Cabinet Drawer Slide Rails elevate the functionality of your kitchen cabinet wire basket, making it a valuable addition to any modern kitchen. Their durable construction, load-bearing capacity, aesthetic finishes, smooth operation, and easy installation all offer a superior solution for your kitchen storage needs.

  • Model Number: HJ3513
  • Material: Cold Rolled Steel
  • Length: 350-500mm
  • Normal Thickness: 1.4*1.5*1.5mm
  • Width: 35mm
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    35mm Two-Section Slide Rails

    Model Number



    Cold Rolled Steel



    Normal Thickness




    Surface Finish

    Blue Zinc Plated ;  Black Zinc-plated


    Kitchen Cabinet Wire Basket

    Load Capacity



    Half Extension

    Custom Fit

    With a width of 35mm and length options ranging from 350 to 500mm, our tall drawer slide rails seamlessly integrate into your kitchen cabinet wire basket. This versatility allows you to utilize them in various kitchen cabinets, regardless of their size.

    HJ-3513-4cabinet runners

    Strength and Durability

    These cabinet runners are incredibly durable and constructed from top-notch cold-rolled steel. This is a significant feature, especially for kitchen cabinet wire baskets that often need to bear the weight of various kitchen items such as pots, pans, and other utensils. With a load capacity of up to 50kg, these slide rails promise exceptional performance and longevity.

    Aesthetic Appeal

    Available in Blue Zinc Plated and Black Zinc-plated finishes, our pantry drawer slides offer an appealing visual element to your kitchen cabinet wire basket. These finishes augment your kitchen decor and serve as a protective layer against corrosion, ensuring that the rails maintain their quality and appearance over time.

    HJ-3513-3 pantry drawer slides

    Smooth Operation

    Our tall drawer slide feature a half-extension design that provides smooth and effortless operation. The movement is seamless, whether you're pulling out your wire basket to retrieve a single utensil or access several items. This functionality is paramount in the kitchen, where efficiency and convenience are critical.

    Enhanced Organization

    By implementing these slide rails into your kitchen cabinet wire basket, you optimize the use of space, leading to better organization of your kitchenware. With the added benefit of easy access to all your utensils and kitchen supplies, the slide rails truly revolutionize how you navigate your kitchen.

    HJ-3513-2 cabinet runners

    Easy Installation

    HJ3513 is designed for user convenience, and our cabinet slide rails are easy to install. This design allows you to retrofit your kitchen cabinet wire basket with our slide rails without professional assistance, saving you time and money.


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